An unplanned pregnancy can turn into a crisis if you do not feel you have the support or resources necessary to “successfully” transition into parenthood.

At Seneca we will help to identify the needs of both expectant parents and their unborn baby and strive to meet those needs as far 18-24 months beyond the birth of the child. Providing support for families this long after the birth of their child differs from the traditional crisis pregnancy center, however, at Seneca we believe that creating a self-sustainable, healthy and safe environment for the whole family involves a long term commitment of support.


Here's How We Can Help.

Free pregnancy test kit
A safe and supportive environment
Prenatal/Postnatal education
Assistance with obtaining maternal/fetal healthcare
Assistance in identifying shelter/outreach programs
Maternity clothing & baby items
Doula services
Lactation Counseling
Pregnancy/New parent support group
Assistance in identifying substance abuse programs

Parenting classes
Assistance in obtaining child healthcare
ESL assistance programs
Marriage counseling
GED/high school diploma completion programs & Tech training programs
Daycare placement assistance
Job placement assistance
Assistance and training in financial management
NFP Classes



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